The tracking and tracing help you to get regular and real-time updates of your vehicles and fleet. You can have a real-time update of the flow of your goods. The updates are displayed with the help of the electronic interchange of data.


With our update system, you get correct reporting and updates. The status updates that you receive regarding the freight are the location of the cargo and its condition. We provide timely updates and are active 24*7 every day. We work to ensure that the shippers and brokers our clients are working with value of the information from most minute tasks such as uploading tenders and sharing confirmations to update Pickups to drop the whole life cycle.

Customer service

The load booking team passes the information to the customer service team regarding the client’s needs and requirements and ensures the proper freight movement. The customer service team manages the information to ensure all the expectations are met.

High-Performance Software

Customer service team would get specifications from the load booking team on what customer needs regarding their freight moving and ensuring that freight movement journey meets or exceeds expectations.

Sales team

The sales team is responsible for the onboarding of a new load or new account. The team is equally responsible for the upload of new tenders. Our team maintains relationships with the shippers and different clients.


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