IT Services

IT Services

Logistics supply chains must be flexible in order to be able to accept pick-up and delivery requests from any place. Companies are searching for alternate methods of transport and smarter routes to help them deliver their products quickly.

IT Services

Our revolutionary intelligent trucking solutions result from our skilled IT team that provides:

  • 24/7 Support Team (Chat or Call)
  • Single Contact for all Logistics software support.
  • EDI Setup.
  • ELD Support.
  • Assistance in the implementation of new software.
  • VOIP Support (Calling issue, phone issue)
  • Security of data
  • Server Support
  • Desktop, Fax, Printer and many more. Support and installation of your device
  • Vendor management.
  • Open-book management, full transparency
  • Best IT Support Team – Industry best practices to increase efficiency of the company
  • Data ownership and visibility (reporting)

With the dawn of the digital era, logistics organizations must reimagine and manage their operations on a worldwide scale. Providing modern business solutions, as well as the latest trends and technologies, has become a requirement in order to keep their clients satisfied. The logistics industry is at the heart of the global supply chain, and it’s always changing to meet client demand for cost-effective solutions to boost productivity, quality, optimization, and punctuality, all of which have become key components of their operations.

3PLs and freight forwarders, as the backbone of the logistics and supply chain, are attempting to stay up with technological advancements. The worldwide logistics sector has changed dramatically in recent years as a result of the introduction of e-commerce, newer freight forwarding solutions, and rising digital awareness among clients. The fast growth of retail channels necessitates effective inventory management and warehousing systems to assist customers in making well-informed selections.

Pace dispatching provides services and solutions that enable real-time “Information flow” throughout the journey, allowing business leaders to make more informed and timely decisions, resulting in greater margins and improved customer experiences. We help provide digital transformation and increase customer experience through various developing technologies to enable and improve the aforementioned end-to-end supply chain and logistics journey.

Some of the innovative solutions being utilized by our main logistics customers to achieve operational efficacy include Data Integration solutions to upload data based on business rules and Testing Accelerators with in-built business scenarios.

To meet the needs of our customers, we have demonstrated expertise in Customer Experience Transformation, Application Transformation Management, Legacy Modernization, Product Engineering, Digital Assurance (Independent Testing Services), Infrastructure Management Services, and Business Process Services.

Our skilled IT team provides things like 24/7 Support Team (Chat or Call), Single Contact for all Logistics software support, EDI Setup, ELD Support, Assistance in the implementation of new software, VOIP Support (Calling issue, phone issue), Security of data, Server Support, Desktop, Fax, Printer and many more. Support and installation of your device, Vendor management, Open-book management, full transparency, Best IT Support Team – Industry best practices to increase the efficiency of the company and Data ownership and visibility (reporting).


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