Document Management Services

Document Management Services

It improves the performance of operations and reduces the cost of operation.

Multi-party Buy -> Sell -> Ship ->Pay requires a broad variety of documents for business. These documents typically comprise the buyer and seller and transportation companies, logistics intermediaries, and customs officials. They also include other participants in the supply chain from various countries and IT advanced levels. The multi-party buy, sell, ship, and payment process is complicated due to manual processes based on paper and ineffective or inconsistent connectivity techniques. This process is on top of competition and market pressures which increase the agility of supply chains.

Our tools provide robust capabilities to:

  • You can handle a broad range of electronic documents specific to your industry or mode, like booking requests and confirmations and freight invoices, and bills of lading.
  • Offer enhanced value-added services that include distribution services (e-mail, Internet, EDI-to-fax, and fax-to-EDI Carbon Copy)
  • Leverage advanced e-Invoicing and e-Archiving capabilities.


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